Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and is well connected by bus, train or airplane with the rest of Europe. Zagreb is distanced 142 km from Ljubljana, 186 km from Graz and 345 km from Budapest. Tournament will be played in a park Bundek, located in the part of the city named Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb) nearby suburbs of Zaprude and Sredisce.

Meet up and players meeting will happen by the hole no. 1 that is located below a road leading from Avenue Mall towards the bridge (Most slobode).

Closest adress that can be found on google maps is street

GPS coordinates of the parking lot (free of charge) and players meeting area are 45°47'11.5"N, 15°58'48.2"E

In case of any problems with arrival, call the TD Dinko Šimenc to mobile +385981936437.